Family Law

Family Law

Family Law

Helping Your Family Out Of Conflict

Family breakdown is never easy for our clients. It’s a difficult, painful process that can destabilize every other part of your life.

For Chera Law Office‘s family law lawyers, family breakdown is a chance to help clients through a very dark time, and to get them back on their feet and moving forward.

We invite you to give us a call today to talk about your specific situation.

Protecting Your Interests

Whether you need a separation agreement or prenuptial/cohabitation agreement, we will negotiate and draft the contract with a focus on your priorities and needs.

If we can come to an understanding using out-of-court methods such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, we will do so. These methods tend to be faster and more economical than court, and result in agreements better suited to your individual family circumstances.

If it’s necessary to go to court to protect your interests, we will do so.

We also help clients who have worked out family law contracts with another lawyer and now need Independent Legal Advice (ILA). We will examine your agreement to ensure that it protects your rights, and make sure that you understand your rights and obligations under the contract before signing it.

Contact Chera Law Office

Our lawyers help families throughout the GTA through this difficult stage. Call our Mississauga office at 905-848-HURT (4878) or fill out our email form to come in and see us. We are also available for appointments in St. Thomas or Niagara Falls.


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