Pedestrian Accidents


Strong Representation After A Pedestrian Or Bicycle Accident

When a pedestrian and a car come into contact, the pedestrian always loses. When it happens to you, Chera Law Office is here to help you move forward with your life.

Pedestrian and bicycle accidents share a number of characteristics. Victims’ injuries may be very serious, as the lack of protection makes it more likely that they will suffer:

Many of these injuries will heal over time. Unfortunately, while they are healing you will be missing work and have to pay for medicine, rehabilitation, and somebody to help take care of your home, family, and possibly even your own personal needs.

For some of our clients, the injuries are permanent. We can help those clients get the compensation they need for future lost income and other needs. Give us a call today to talk about your unique circumstances.

Hurt While Walking?

Pedestrian accidents also have some other factors that come up fairly frequently. Two of the most common are:

  • Insurance issues: Pedestrians may be hurt by a hit-and-run, careless or intoxicated driver. If so, their own insurance company may step into the place of the driver. If you do not have driver’s insurance, the case becomes more complex but it is still possible to get you compensation.
  • Pedestrian fault: Occasionally, pedestrians are found to be partially at fault because they were intoxicated, jaywalking or otherwise distracted. While some injured pedestrians assume that this means that they cannot claim anything for their injuries, most of the time that’s not true. We will discuss the details of your accident and your options.

Contact Chera Law Office

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