Commercial Purchase And Sale


Buying Or Selling Business Property

For many of our real estate clients, a property purchase is the largest investment they will make, and we diligently protect them from liability. However, in commercial real estate transactions, the stakes are often even higher than those in home purchases and sales. Any error may affect your business profoundly.

Chera Law Office‘s lawyers can help you protect your investment and your business. Give us a call today to talk about your unique situation.

Are Your Interests Fully Protected?

Whether you are purchasing or selling a commercial property, we will discuss:

  • Your agreement of purchase and sale and any potential challenges
  • Any clauses that may have to do with your business, such as heating, water or provisions for business-specific equipment such as refrigeration or washing equipment
  • Mortgage and refinance, and how to get the financing you need for your transaction
  • All necessary deadlines, especially if you are moving your business operations
  • How we will handle unexpected delays or costs without harming your business
  • Your priorities in case of a dispute

Guidance For Commercial Leasing Transactions

Whether you are a landlord or tenant, a commercial lease may be a significant document for you, as it may affect your business or your income from the property. We will closely examine your commercial lease, including:

  • Common area obligations
  • Maintenance and usage restrictions and clauses
  • Conditions for breaking a lease
  • Restrictions on similar businesses in the same commercial building

Taking Action

Let us help your business with its real estate needs anywhere in the GTA. Call our Mississauga office at 905-848-HURT (4878) or fill out our email form. We also represent business clients in Niagara Falls and St. Thomas.


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