Motorcycle/ATV/Boat Accidents


Accidents Involving Motorcycles, ATVs, RTVs Or Boats

Vehicles like motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and boats have certain special characteristics that make their accidents different from car accidents.

At Chera Law Office, we are familiar with these special characteristics, and can handle any motorcycle, ATV or boat accident, as well as accidents involving other recreational vehicles.

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Protecting Your Interests After A Motorcycle Accident

Although motorcyclists use their motorcycles for transportation, not just recreation, a motorcycle accident still has some important characteristics that distinguish it from a car accident.

For one thing, accidents involving motorcycles can be considerably more serious than car accidents. Even if you are wearing safety equipment, your body is unprotected against a large, heavy moving object. When a motorcycle and car get in a crash, the motorcycle almost invariably loses. Brain and spinal injuries are common.

Motorcyclists also have a reputation for recklessness. Even if you have done nothing wrong, or the other driver is also at fault, the police and witnesses may be more likely to see the accident as fully or partially your fault.

Our lawyers will fight to make sure that the facts of the accident are brought to light, making sure that the right questions are asked.

How Did Your Accident Happen?

Many recreational vehicle or boat accidents have certain common characteristics:

  • Licensing, alcohol and responsibility: Sometimes, the operator of the vehicle may not have the required licensing or training, or be under the influence of alcohol. This may influence issues of liability and how insurance companies treat your case.
  • Distance: Because many accidents occur in cottage country, on lakes and on back roads, emergency vehicles may take longer to get to the scene of the accident, and transportation to the nearest hospital may be a challenge. This may make injuries more severe, and possibly bring up issues of medical malpractice.
  • Safety and maintenance: One of our areas of questioning will include the safety record and maintenance of the vehicle itself, particularly if you were injured on somebody else’s vehicle.

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