Hit And Run Drunk And Distracted Drivers


Holding Drunk Or Distracted Drivers Accountable

If your accident was caused by a hit-and-run driver, drunk or distracted driver, or a driver who faces criminal charges for his or her driving behaviour, your case may be affected in unexpected ways.

At Chera Law Office, we can deal with each of these situations. Give us a call today to discuss your specific circumstances.

Were You Injured By A Hit-And-Run Driver?

If the car that struck you sped away, the driver will face criminal charges, if caught. However, this is no comfort to you if the driver is not identified.

Many people believe that if the driver who struck them is not identified, they cannot sue for damages.

This is not true. Your own insurance company will “step into the place” of the other driver, and will cover you for damages. Unfortunately, this means that your injuries may be treated with more suspicion, and there may be a limit to the recoverable amount even for catastrophic accidents involving brain or spinal damage.

If you don’t have insurance of your own, we can find other ways to get you compensation, possibly through the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.

Was The Driver Who Injured You Drunk Or Distracted?

Drunk driving accidents are depressingly common, and we have many laws in place to deal with them. Police, lawyers and judges are aware of the importance of dealing with people who drive while intoxicated. If the driver who hit you is convicted of impaired driving, you may have an easier time proving fault. Unfortunately, if a conviction puts them in violation of their own insurance policy, we may have to work around this obstacle.

Distracted driving is quickly becoming just as common. In 2013, there were more deaths caused by distracted driving than drunk driving or speeding. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the dangers posed by texting, cellphones and other distractions. In some jurisdictions, distracted drivers may not even be charged.

Chera Law Office‘s lawyers will make sure that if distraction is an issue in your accident, this aspect of the accident is investigated and taken seriously. If possible, any charges will be used to your benefit.

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